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Dodecahedron Made Us a Playlist

White-boy Rappers Know How To Get The Party Started.

White-boy rapper Dodecahedron is more than nonsensical lyrics and weird outfits, he’s also VICE’s Melbourne design guy Ben Thomson. We’re more used to seeing him doing a Google than breaking out his sweaty rap alter ego, but this Saturday he’ll be showing off his psychedelic set at our VICE Presents party at Liberty Social. Also playing is BT Magnum, I OH YOU DJs, Carlos Turner, as well as some massive guests that we're sworn to keep secret for a few more days. Seriously, this surprise is going to make every birthday you ever had look like vomit.


It's all thanks to Sailor Jerry, Budweiser and Ziggy Denim. As with all of our parties, it's free so long as you RSVP here. But anyway, back to Ben.

VICE: Do you actually know what a dodecahedron is?
Dodecahedron: Not really, I know it's some kind of confusing shape with heaps of sides.

Why that? Is it a particularly sexy shape?
No, the sexiest shape is definitely a dolphin silhouette. Dammmn.

For a guy who sits at a computer all day, you're pretty good at getting the crowd to lose their shit.
Thanks! Just be genuinely enthusiastic, I grew up going to Die! Die! Die! gigs in Hamilton and Auckland and I liked how they did that. I think it's important to set an example rather than just stand there and hope all the ladies take their tops off. That only works if you're Rick Ross.

Your songs seem to be mostly about hallucinating and food, what's your driving force when writing a song?
I let the universe write my songs for me, kind of like David Byrne.  I just kind of hum and mumble stuff until it turns into words, it's really annoying for people that live with me and takes forever.

Want to tell us a little about this playlist?
It's a playlist I constructed for when you have one hour to leave the house and want to get super pumped up about having a good night and feeling like a positive friend or sexually desirable person. It goes for an hour and twenty minutes because everyone always fucks around and you never leave on time, the last song should be the soundtrack to you apologising to taxi drivers for making them wait out the front of the house for five minutes because you can't find your keys.

Thanks Ben. Now get back to work. The rest of you, don't forget to RSVP.