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Question Of The Day

What’s the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

It’s been pretty fun dominating the planet and everything, but let’s face it—someday, probably someday soon, we’re all going to die.

It’s been pretty fun dominating the planet and everything, but let’s face it—someday, probably someday soon, we’re all going to die and leave our abandoned cities, uncharged iPads, and stockpiles of hazardous waste to the cockroaches and raccoons and what have you. The only question is, what’s going to wipe us out? What’s the greatest threat to our future as a species?

Smiley: Truthfully, my biggest fear is terrorism. The way things are looking right now, my gut is telling me that it's going to be some kind of terrorism stuff somewhere down the road. How and where, I can't say, but I see something happening. There's too much going on behind closed doors.


Where do you think it will happen?
I don't know. Who would have ever thought on a nice, beautiful, sunny day in September two planes would have come out of nowhere? Who thought something like that was going to happen? But it did. That's my biggest fear. We could be sitting here and all of a sudden some plane comes out of the sky and a bomb just goes BOOM.

Can we prevent that?
Right now there's no way we can do that. Whatever's going to happen is going to happen. It's going to happen even if we try to prevent it. That's what scares me. I understand our time will come, but I hope it doesn't come right now.

Shanel: Probably a disease. But like, what kind of disease? 
Eric: A zombie disease.

Do you think that could actually happen?
Eric: It's possible, I believe.

If that happens are you prepared for it?
Definitely not.

How can we protect ourselves if a zombie apocalypse happens?
Just stay locked up and never leave. Don't worry about anything.

Todd: Track bikes.

Track bikes?
People can't stop fast enough and get hit by cars. If every man had a track bike we'd be done.

Do you know anyone who have been affected?
A lot of people. Men and women. They can't stop fast enough. They think it's cool, but it's super dangerous.

How can we address this problem?
Bigger bike lanes.

Is this an issue around the world or just in New York City?
It's going global. Quickly.

Steve: I'm a big believer that aspartame is a threat.


The stuff used in soda and as a sweetener?
Yes. It's super bad for you. People don't want to have sugar, but if they had raw sugar it would be better for them than aspartame or saccharin. It causes Alzheimer's disease and all this other bad stuff. That's a global thing and has been since the days of Sweet 'N Low and Equal.

Why do you think people still consume things with aspartame? 
They don't know that it's bad. And the companies—the medical industry—are not pumping the stuff that's right for you. They pump the stuff that has dough behind it. That's why people are drinking it. They see it everywhere.

What will happen if the consumption continues?
There will be a lot more people going to see their parents and their friends in mental wards. And that's the truth.

Rebecca: Each other.

Heavy. What makes us threats to each other?
People are afraid to open up because they can get hurt. People judge.

How can we help that?
People need to be more open.

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