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72 Games in 72 Hours Livestream Schedule

We're streaming 72 games in 72 hours, and we want you to join us.

In case you didn't hear, we're launching a website here at waypoint, and in order to do that properly, we're going to stream 72 games in 72 hours for your viewing pleasure. We'll have guests, we'll have surprises, and we'll have a whole lot of sleep-deprived humor for all to enjoy!

In order for you to have everything you need to enjoy our stream, here'a a handy chart of our programming blocks. We have everything from tabletop games to bargain bin disasters to the finest new titles on the block.


Join us for as little or as long as you can, and let's celebrate the start of our journey.

schedule below


12PM - We're Launching!

1230-2PM - Games We Love

2PM - Ubisoft's Eric Pope Teaches Us About Swords

3PM - Bombin' in the P.M

5PM - Desus & Mero Come Thru

6PM - Come Play A Brand New Game With Us

7PM - Just Blaze Is In The Building

8PM - Fine Art with the McElroy Brothers

830-10PM - I Didn't Know My Life Coach Could Be This Anime!

10PM - In the Dark


12-2AM  - In the Dark

2-4AM - Bargain Bin

4-8AM - Games We Love

8AM-1PM - Breakfast & Board Games - Chess

1-2PM - Food Games with MUNCHIES

2-4PM - From the Vault

4PM - Open Challenge

5PM - 1300 Hours

530PM - Dark Joels

6-10PM - I Didn't Know My Life Coach Could Be This Anime - Attack on Titan

10PM-12AM - From the Vault


12-2AM - In the Dark

2-4AM - Bargain Bin

4-8AM - Games We Love

8-11AM -  Breakfast & Board Games

11AM-12PM - Flying Soccer Car Training

12PM - The 1st Annual VICE Golden Gun Classic

2PM - NYU Game Center Showcase

3-4PM - A Jury of Our Peers

4PM - The Internet's Jayson Musson Swings Thru

5-7PM - Open Challenge

7PM - Wrestling with Rosenberg -

8PM-12AM - Games We Love


12-3AM - In the Dark

3-5AM - Bargain Bin

5-8AM - Games We Love

8-11AM - Breakfast & Board Games

11AM - We Are Very Tired