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A 73-Year-Old Man Got Caught Snorting Coke During a Traffic Stop

He tried to tell the cop that it was "vitamins."
December 7, 2015, 4:30pm

Thumbnail image via Flickr user Valerie Everett

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Last week, Seattle police pulled over a car driving at night without headlights on. When Officer Nic Abts-Olsen approached the vehicle, found a 73-year-old man at the wheel and, after running his name and finding no outstanding warrants, was going to turn the guy loose with a warning.

But when Abts-Olsen walked back up to the car's window, he caught the guy snorting from a glass vial of white powder.

"Are you kidding?" the incredulous cop asked the senior citizen, according to the SPD blotter. Startled, the 73-year-old spilled the blow all over himself.

The driver tried to claim that the powder was "vitamins," but the keen-eyed Seattle officer saw right through that clever ruse. The 73-year-old later admitted to it being cocaine.

The guy is now being held at Seattle's Kings County Jail for possession of narcotics, a local NBC affiliate reports. In the meantime, the SPD produced the amusing PSA-style clip above. Happy holidays, everyone!