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Ontario Teens Filmed Themselves Beating the Shit Out of a Parent

Jesus Christ, is Ontario turning into Eden Lake or something?
​The dad, seconds before being swarmed. Photo via Screenshot

"You're dead, you're fucking dead!"

The screams come from a teen standing in front of a bloody man. Seconds later the man is sucker punched by another teen, two minutes later the same father would be beaten mercilessly by a gang of teens on a road in a suburb.

The clip comes from the second of two videos posted on social media. Over their duration a father hits a student and then is followed, swarmed and beaten by a group of kids. This comes after three Toronto teens were charged with assault and accused of making Fight Club style videos that showed them jumping students.


Jesus Christ, is Ontario turning into Eden Lake or something?

The first of the two videos show a pre-organized fight between two kids. The two are going at it, having a nice little tilly, when the father—who was for some reason watching his child fight—steps into frame. The dad gets near the fight when another kid gets in his face the dad just straight up decks him.

Later, in the second video, shortly before being beaten by the group the father seems to explain his actions.

"I thought they were jumping in on him, what would you do if it was your kid?"

The Toronto Star reports that the fight occurred in an Oak Ridge, a community north of Richmond Hill, park between a student from Cardinal Carter Catholic High School and St. Theresa Lisieux Catholic High School.

York police say they are looking for any witnesses of the situation and that anyone with information should come forward.

The dad on the ground shortly after being swarmed. Photo via Screenshot

The longer of the two videos starts with the father, already bloodied, arguing with the kids in a wooded area.

One kid then sucker punches the dad from the side, and the dad, who eats the punch, just carries on leaving the area, while the group follows him to a street where the argument resumes.

"You hit a fucking girl bro," another student yells at him shortly before the swarming happens.

The dad is punched, kicked, and pushed on the ground and left bloodied and dazed as the kids scream at him.

Slightly before the gang beating, one of the kids threatens the man with a brick. The entire time the group is out on the street, the father's son is imploring him to leave and after the beating the father listens and staggers towards the car bleeding profusely. As the group walks away an unseen teen sums it up nicely.

"Yo, that's fucked bro," he says just before the video cuts out.

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