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Space Jesus Flipped Break Science's "Trapeze" Into a Spooky Bass Strangler

A nasty piece of bass made for wreaking Halloween havoc.

Before their upcoming performances at BangOn! NYC's Warehouse of Horrors extravaganza this Halloween, Space Jesus and Break Science have crossed paths on the brain-twisting "Trapeze." It's the kind of nasty bass remix that's prime for shaking your costumed heinie, so call up your bud J.Biebs, grab a few dozen rolls of extra-soft Charmin, and go wreck some havoc in your hood. With a track like this in tow, it's going to be one hell of a night. 

Check out Break Science's #BRKTHRU Tour with Manic Focus & Space Jesus

11/5 Soundstage, Baltimore, MD 
11/6 Mr. Smalls Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
11/7 Soundgarden Hall, Philadelphia, PA *
11/8 Pearl Street, Northampton, MA
11/12 Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/13 Orpheum, Tampa Bay, FL
11/14 Bear Creek Music Festival, Live Oak, FL *