This story is over 5 years old.

Monkey Safari's New Track "Cranes" Is an Emotional Rollercoaster

The dynamic duo's new anthem takes a while to take off, but once it gets there—there's no turning back.

Even if you don't previously know the name of this anthemic tune from German-based duo Monkey Safari, you've surely heard it dropped in a set or mix over the last few months. But with tracks like these, who even needs track names? All you're going to care about here is the feels. And "Cranes," is full of them. After being away from their Hommage imprint for over a year, the dynamic duo has returned with one of their most emotive productions yet, a literal auditory-rollercoaster that ebbs and flows into a climax that captures true dancefloor bliss.


Taking nearly two minutes to introduce a warm, melodic bassline, "Cranes" takes its time as it starts to reel you in, but once you get there—there's no turning back.

"Cranes" will be released January 30th on Hommage with remixes from Wolf + Lamb and Kölsch.

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