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Everything about Paper Diamond's Rain Drops Tour Is Custom Built for Awesomeness

...From the sound to the visuals to the venues themselves

Everything about Paper Diamond's upcoming tour is a custom job. Sound at each stop will be provided by PK, who created a rig specifically for his North American run. The visuals are all new too, so that no eyeball goes unstimulated; everything, even the venues themselves have been selected and hand-crafted for this this tour. If you're sitting there thinking that that's a lot of trouble to go to for a few shows, you'd be right. To Paper Diamond though, the extra effort is well worth it to provide the best experience possible to his fans. A storm is coming in 2015, and it's called The Rain Tour.

Starting January 14th in Birmingham, Alabama, The Rain Tour will be hitting 32 American cities and leaves no corner of the country untouched. Check out the full tour schedule down below. More info can be found on his website.

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