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The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Fired by Trump Was Investigating Health Secretary Tom Price, Report Says

Preet Bharara was apparently looking into the controversial stock trades​ Price made during his time as a Georgia congressman.
March 17, 2017, 9:24pm

Preet Bharara—the former US attorney from New York who was canned by President Trump after refusing to resign last week—was in the middle of investigating the president's health secretary Tom Price, ProPublica reports.

Bharara and his deputy prosecutors were apparently looking into the controversial medical stock trades that Price made during his time as a Georgia congressman, in hopes of determining whether or not the over $300,000 worth of shares he traded in between votes and advocacy on behalf of medical laws represented a conflict of interest.

The trades came under fire during Price's confirmation hearings to be head of the Health and Human Services Department this January. Democrats argued that the deals looked like examples of Price milking his political position to make money, but he maintained that it was all above board. The fact that Bharara was considering an investigation or actively conducting one was not public knowledge at the time.