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Feist, Sometime Musical Hermit, Returns with Her First New Track in Six Years, "Pleasure"

She's back from a mini-hiatus. Like, another one.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Feist knows how to take care of herself. The whole '"winning Grammys and releasing entire albums of delicate but assured fire" thing can be an overwhelming business, so it's important that she takes breaks where she can. Sometimes those breaks just happen to be six years long, but she's Feist, so deal with it, yeah?

Thankfully for the mortal souls of the rest of us, however, her most recent hiatus has now come to an end, and we're due for another dose of otherworldly wisdom in the form of her fourth album Pleasure, from which you can hear the title track below:

"Pleasure" is a little rougher and more raw-edged than previous Feist material, but when it is this good, that can only be a positive (do I hear a touch of the Karen O in those vocals? Do I?). Lulling us into a false sense of standard-Feist-acoustic-guitar-security, the track swerves all expectations to reach its final form as a garage-y stomper that will improve the life of every teen girl whose hands and earphones it finds its way into. There is no higher compliment I can give. Thank you based Feist, for showing us how much better music would be if everyone took six years off in between albums.

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