Tommy Cash Drops New Video, Leaves Us Feeling Satisfied and Violated at the Same Time

It's a bit like what would happen if Lars von Trier was asked to bring an Estonian yearbook to life.
March 17, 2017, 9:58am

Screengrab from "Surf" video

Well, kids, he's done it again. While you were Netflixing, making and subsequently breaking New Year's resolutions, and pondering wardrobe choices in the face of global oblivion, Estonian rapper slash philanthropist slash delightfully sick puppy Tommy Cash has been honing his dark arts.

And now, here it is. This new video for his single "Surf". A treasure trove of visual weirdness to trap you in that lewd limbo between comfortably numbing your mind to some laid-back Eastern European nihilist-rap and feeling dirty and despicable for having seen things that you can now never un-see.

It's an anti-thesis to political correctness or, in layman's terms, a mindfuck. Think: that scene in 40 Days and 40 Nights where that guy's excessive horniness pushes him to get turned on by staring at the holes in a power outlet, except with…everything.

There are apartment complexes getting finger-blasted. There are condoms being eased on to skyscrapers. I'm pretty sure there's even a giant woman spreading her legs to fuck an oncoming train somewhere in there. And oh, the faux masturbation. Aside from being arguably the dopest Estonian in recent memory, Cash is the king of suggestive visuals. Somehow, a few seconds of Tommy Cash balls deep in a globe, thrusting, says more than some recording artists' entire discographies. And some presidents' entire campaign runs.

Give the Estonian rapscallion's raspy new single a listen and enjoy exploring what it would look like if Lars von Trier was asked to bring an Estonian yearbook to life: