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Relive Some of That Sweet Teenage Angst with B Boys' "Energy"

The Brooklyn trio prepare to release their debut album 'Dada' and in the meantime, would like to know: "Whatya talking bout?"

Photo by Andrew Kerr On their Facebook page, Brooklyn band B Boys describe themselves as "three psychos that came to be through fate by way of necessity." Frank, bizarre, and endearing—just like their music.

May 19 marks the release of their debut album, Dada (which I imagine is said more like a baby learning to speak than a twenty-something studying an arts degree). And today marks the release of that album's first single, "Energy." Very much an energetic track (lucky), the single is a three-minute-long, punky little number.


Close your eyes and you might see the opening credits of a coming of age film. Kids running amok. Hanging out the back of a pick up truck. Drinking, pashing, TP-ing suburban houses. Maybe B Boys themselves cameo as the band playing the house party in the film later on, I don't know.

What I do know is that this is good shit. Listen to the track below, and keep an eye out for Dada. 

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Image from the band's Facebook.