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Make an Edible Pie Zoetrope for Pi Day

Your blizzard-bound 3.14 is about to get tasty and dizzy at the same time.
Screencap by the author.

While the tradition of bakeries doling out free pie in New York City on March 14, a.k.a. Pi (3.14) Day has become sparse, making your pie own can be art—with enough creativity. One way to art up your Pi Day is the zoetrope pecan pie demonstrated by a YouTube channel called Pies Are Awesome. The two-minute video below shows you how to make a "pie-mod" that can be spun to create the illusion of motion, just like the many other examples of stunning, sculptural zoetropes we've covered in the past.


"My zoetrope is completely functional AND nomable[sic], with all components made from real pie dough and food coloring," the creator brags charmingly in the video description. Pies Are Awesome uses a store-bought pecan pie, so, "Anyone with an Exacto knife can pull this one off." We've seen cake zoetropes and epic Biblical animated sculptures, but this zoetrope pie is far more approachable. Start with this one and then work your way up to the "New Dork"-inspired behemoth created for SBTRKT.

See more pie recipes on the Pies Are Awesome YouTube channel, and find more zoetrope inspiration in the links below.


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