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Pret a Manger claims it will be impossible to hire enough staff after Brexit, a healthcare backlash, feminine traffic lights and much more.

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Utter Complacency
In his first budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond has increased National Insurance bills for self-employed people, leading to accusations that he has broken a manifesto pledge not to raise taxes. Jeremy Corbyn has called it "a budget of utter complacency". – BBC

Back Door Bandits
Hammond was also accused of creating a "back-door" in the budget for NHS privatisation, by funding "shady" reform plans. The plans are designed to save money, but have proven unpopular in some regions because they will lead to department and hospital closures. – Independent


Pret a Porter
The director of human resources at Pret a Manger has told a parliamentary committee that only one in 50 applicants for jobs at the coffee chain is British. Andrea Wareham told the House of Lords economic affairs select committee that it would be virtually impossible to find enough staff if it was forced to turn its back on EU nationals after Brexit. – Guardian

Independence Redux
Nicola Sturgeon has flagged Autumn, 2018 as the right time for a second referendum on Scottish independence, should Theresa May reject a bespoke Brexit deal for Scotland. – Herald Scotland


Hospitals, doctors and health groups have condemned the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. They say it would lead to a rise in the uninsured. House Republicans are struggling to find support from the business sector and other interests that would stand to benefit from the lower taxes the bill would produce. – New York Times

Love Fades
The White House has suggested there is a "double standard" regarding responses to Wikileaks releases, following the publication of documents allegedly revealing CIA surveillance techniques. Spokesman Sean Spicer insisted there was a big difference between this hack and the Hillary Clinton hack, which led Donald Trump to proclaim "I love Wikileaks!" – CNN

Kuwait for It
The US is considering deploying up to 1,000 "reserve" troops to Kuwait in the fight against ISIS. Proponents of the plan say it would provide US commanders on the ground with greater flexibility to respond to challenges on the battlefield. – Reuters


Emergency in Somalia
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the world must act to avert famine in Somalia. 6.2 million people are under threat from the drought crisis plaguing the country. The World Health Organisation said the world has two months to avert Somalia's third famine in 25 years. – Al Jazeera


If it Bothers You, Just Pretend it's a Kilt
International Women's Day was marked yesterday in Melbourne, Australia with the introduction of female-shaped traffic signals. Ten pedestrian crossing lights now depict a woman in a dress instead of the usual male figure in an effort to "help reduce unconscious bias". – Sydney Morning Herald

How to Be Mad as Hell
"Be mad as hell and work towards something." Words of wisdom from ten inspiring women on how to fight for justice and how to make sure that activism includes everyone. – Broadly

Shilling and Shredding
Beatrice Shilling was a motorcycle enthusiast who conquered the male-dominated field of engineering. Read about how this woman – whose birthday coincides with International Women's Day – helped win World War Two. – Motherboard

Sia What She Did There
Songwriter guns-for-hire like Bruno Mars were able to successfully forge their own careers, but what happens when women try to break out and make it on their own? –  Noisey