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Halloween Pro Tip: Use a Waterjet For Incredibly Precise Pumpkin Carving

This particular pumpkin was styled in honor of Harambe.

Making jack-o-lanterns this year? Ditch the knife and try carving the with a waterjet. In this video by Waterjet Channel on YouTube, a waterjet makes very detailed and precise incisions in a pumpkin.

The waterjet is hardly an inch from the pumpkin when it makes the incisions. Moreover, it carves an entire shape all at once, so that the cut it out is also one tidy piece of pumpkin with smooth edges and corners—rather than, well, what usually happens when you try to carve a pumpkin.

In this case, since the video is dedicated to Harambe, a gorilla killed in the Cincinnati Zoo when a little boy accidentally got into his cage, the waterjet carves Harambe's name and and the contour of his body.

While waterjets aren't the most common method of carving pumpkins, waterjet carving tools do exist for non-industrial use. The TechShop in San Jose, California, for instance, is holding a waterjet carving workshop just before Halloween.

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