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Enjoy This Drone Propeller Hitting a Slab of Pork at 33 Miles Per Hour


How dangerous will our drone-filled future be? A new video from Aalborg University gives us a dark preview.

The slow motion video shows a commercial drone propeller as it is hurled down a track towards a slab of pork, decimating it upon impact. The experiment comes from the school's Drone Research Lab, which tests how drones impact various objects to improve safety regulations.

Perhaps propellers on a real-life UAV would have a lesser impact than those launched at full speed towards a slab of pork, but it's clear human skin would likely not fare well in the same situation––but we already knew that. In recent years, there have been a series of high-profile drone collisions resulting in injury.

So, dead pigs clearly don't fare well in a match with a drone, but the lab also created a video showing the same process with a toy plane to a lesser impact, perhaps to illustrate the difference in impact the propellers make. Or, you know, to test for the impact of the many potential toy plane collisions in our future. At least we're safe there.