Zach Miller Makes Outstanding One-Handed Grab


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Zach Miller Makes Outstanding One-Handed Grab

Football is back and it's awesome.
September 5, 2014, 2:10am

With about six minutes left in the half, Zach Miller laid out for a tremendous one-handed diving catch to get the Seahawks back in Green Bay territory. Russell Wilson found him streaking down the sidelines, trailed by Clay Matthews, and Miller was able to haul it in with his fingertips for 24 yards. The Seahawks later scored to make it 17-10 on a nine-yard Marshawn Lynch run. He barely had to run over anyone on this one, too. Lynch also helped set up the score with a with a 21-yard run just three plays earlier.

It's been only one half of football played but, man, it's fun to have it back.