Ten Classic Ten-Hour Videos to Watch Instead of Ghomeshi’s New Thing

You will be better for it.
April 13, 2017, 2:54pm
Screenshots via YouTube

Hey, content-heads! You're happy to know that Canada's most famous alleged sexual assailant radio personality Jian Ghomeshi announced his new podcast on Twitter Monday. If you love content so much that you are indeed excited for Ghomeshi's new content (and apparently about 30,000 people watched it), you probably love content so much that you consume it as the CBC seemingly did with Jian: blindly! For your convenience in search of content made for a max. 30 seconds of hate-listening, I have curated a deeply educational 10-hour long list of YouTube videos which are mostly described by the OPs as: "lel".

1. Epic Sax Guy: just a dude playing sax!

2. Leek Spin: just rotating leek content!

3. Nyan Cat: just a cat made out of a poptart singing its way through the universe!

4. Rick Astley: just Rick Astley singing!

5. Smash Mouth's All Star: just the dudes from Smash Mouth singing content!

6. Spongebob Campfire Song: I like this one because the song doesn't loop, it's just

7. Dance 'Till You're Dead: just dancing for a long time.

8. Taking The Hobbits To Isengard: just the guy from Lord of The Rings yelling.

9. Squidward's Missing Spongebob Party: just more Spongebob.

10. 10 Hours of Nothing: nothing.

If you are yet unsatiated and aching for more content, here's a bonus, insider content-head tip to tie you over until the next shitty person makes a podcast: open all the videos and play them simultaneously!

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