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Feist Is an Ecstatic, Multi-Colored Hallucination in New "Pleasure" Video

Her first album in six years, 'Pleasure,' is out April 28.

Between the release of her first song in six years and the clattering return of Broken Social Scene, Leslie Feist has now fully returned from the indie wilderness. "Pleasure," the title-track from her forthcoming fifth studio album (out April 28), was a muffled and jagged rock song, a harmony of snarls over beaten-down guitars. If two tracks constitutes a pattern, "Century" and "Pleasure" together hint at a brilliantly dark future.


This morning, Feist released the video for the track. It's fittingly spare: a Hall of Mirrors-style effect warps the singer as she toys around with some air guitar and dances through the lens's ripples.

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