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Enter the Pastel Pop World of The Aces' video for "Physical"

But don't be fooled: this video is a big screw you to sexist stereotypes of all-female bands.

Here's your Aces fact file:

They're a quartet made up of sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez (lead vocals/guitars and drums, respectively), and their two buddies, McKenna Petty on bass and Katie Henderson on lead guitar. Born and raised in Utah, The Aces formed when they were 13 and now, almost a decade later, having played a butt-ton of shows, graduated from high school, and seriously contemplated their future in the interim, the girls are signed to Red Bull Records. They released their debut track "Stuck" almost a year ago—a slinky pop song that traces the missing link between Haim, The 1975, and MUNA. Below is the premiere of their video for "Physical," a song that sanctions and fully accepts that sometimes the connection between one person and another is purely chemical, totally physical, and hey, that's OK. Meanwhile the video sees the girls in a series of candy colored set-ups, applying face masks, rolling around with boys, trussed up in poofy 80s dresses, and more. All the while their tongues are firmly in cheek.

"The 'Physical' video is the music video we have been wanting to make for some time now," explain the band. "The moment we met Charlotte Rutherford (the director) and saw her treatment we knew she was the perfect fit. The storyline is full of sarcasm and satire, and to us is a big middle finger to what's expected from an all-female band."

Hear! Hear!