Twin Peaks Instigate Chaos in Reverse for "Wanted You" Video

Sometimes it's the kind of day where you just have to put on a pig mask and wallow in the snow.
April 11, 2017, 6:18pm

Chicago rockers Twin Peaks are a lax bunch of lads in most other instances, but their new video for Down in Heaven cut "Wanted You" finds them lording over a bizarre series of temporally-displaced events. The clip follows some hapless guys across this set of disconnected vignettes, many of which feature them in unnerving animal masks.

It's revealed that the ending of this story is actually the beginning, which can say many things about the cycles of living, getting caught in vicious time loops, the terrifying cosmic powers of Bill Murray, and so on. That or it's just another very weird thing happening in a very weird video. You can watch it below and make sure to catch Twin Peaks' West Coast tour with Hinds, presented by Noisey.

Phil is a Noisey staff writer. He's on Twitter.