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Check Out a Gritty, Gloopy Guest Mix From Bicep Approved Duo Sandboards

The duo are about to redefine what pops into your head when you think of New Zealand.

Tucked away towards the very bottom point of New Zealand, the city of Dunedin probably doesn't spring to mind when you think of hotbeds of underground electronic music talent. While your dad might hear the city's name and immediately think about the glory days of The Chills, The Clean, and Look Blue Go Purple and the rest of those gloriously scratchy indie groups who flocked to Flying Nun records, it's unlikely to be the first place you'd turn for house and techno. A pair of young DJs and producers are looking to change that. Thomas Krammer and Eden Burns, AKA Sandboards, want you to think of them. And given that they've become the first act to release on Feel My Bicep—other than the Belfast boys themselves—we reckon they just might be able to pull it off.


Dropping next Friday, the Visa EP showcases what Sandboards are all about: warehouse-ready stabs stomp on 16-bit melodies, jackhammering basslines stumble into ghostly corners, and the whole thing sounds exactly like 3 AM during one of those nights where all your mates are out at the same time, and the world's a perfect place.

Given that, it was only natural that we asked Thomas and Eden to put together a mix for us, so that next time we get all our mates back to ours we'd have something worth playing them. The result is a brilliant hour of gloopy, gritty house that you'll be coming back to time and time again. Check the session and an interview with the duo below.

THUMP: Tell us a little about who you are, where you're from, and what your hopes and dreams are.
Sandboards: We are Sandboards! (Tomas and Eden) We're from a small student town at the bottom of the world called Dunedin, New Zealand. I guess we just want to travel and DJ as much as we can, to as many places as we can, to keep putting out music and (fingers crossed) make a living out of it.

Are you ready to take over the world?
We don't know about that but we sure are ready to get out of New Zealand and play some shows in the UK and Europe.

How did you and the Bicep boys hook up? And how does it feel to be releasing on their label?
We opened for them in Auckland late 2015. We had a pretty brief chat, then gave them a USB full of our tracks. We felt honoured to even open for them to be honest so getting a release on FMB is pretty unreal for us. We feel very blessed!

Where do we need to be to get the most out of the mix you've made for us?
Somewhere with nice speakers will probably help. Could be a nice after party mixtape. The mix is really just a bunch of tracks we are feeling and playing out, plus some unreleased bits from us!

Finally, is this article really helpful, or not?
That's a pretty elementary tutorial to be honest mate. We would recommend watching this a couple times then giving it a huss!

The Visa EP is out on Feel My Bicep on October 28th