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Does This Video From 2011 Prove the Existence of Techno Viking's Dad?

Techno Odin, the fist-pumping God of four-to-the-lore.

Last night, during a procrastination session that took me to both a video of a humpback whale doing a backflip, and a Nutri-Grain commercial from 2003, I stumbled across something quite remarkable on YouTube. A reddit user had posted a clip, claiming to have found the father of topless myth and 909 warrior, Techno Viking. On inspection I was honestly bowled over. The one and a half minute long clip appears to show a wizened old man, adorned in the appropriate ceremonial clothing and same knotted beard as the chosen son of the illustrious Scandinavian techno dynasty. Yes the clip is from a few years ago, but as discoveries go this one is still worth sharing. Very little is known about Techno Viking — a recent claim to have discovered his now-whereabouts was proven to be a hoax — so any opportunity to expand on his story is worth sharing. Watch the video below and decide for yourself. Techno Viking's Dad? Or perhaps, some sort of techno Odin, the fist-pumping God of four-to-the-lore?