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Feel the Magic of the Main Room in This Exclusive Clip From 'Eden'

Enjoy a walk through paradise courtesy of the Daft Punk inspired indie film.

There isn't long to wait now until Eden, Mia Hansen Løve's ode to filter-house France and the emotional toll of a career DJing, is released in the UK. We've already been fortunate enough to see the movie and can gladly tell you it's pretty special. Dance floors have been put on screen countless times, but rarely has the space between the parties been replicated so hauntingly. The late nights, the money spent, the lost weeks, all conspire to paint a picture of clubland that celebrates the highs, but isn't afraid to acknowledge the lows.


Everything we learnt from Eden.

It is, of course, important to remember the high points, and Eden is far from doom and gloom. In fact, it captures the club-as-a-paradise sensation perfectly. The blushing swell of the music, the movements of bodies in the darkness, and the power of the DJ are no better articulated than in this exclusive clip the team behind the movie have generously decided to premiere here on THUMP. The camera talks a wander through the largest room of a Parisian club while Eden's protagonist Paul spins the Ritual mix of Kings of Tomorrow's seminal soul-lifter "Finally" off and into the night.

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