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Antonio Cromartie's Unrivaled Virility: Wife Gives Birth to Twins Conceived After Vasectomy

Antonio Cromartie is too blessed to be stressed.

Former New York Jets cornerback and current free agent Antonio Cromartie gained a lot of attention when he appeared to have a hard time remembering the names and ages of his army of children. That was way back in 2010, when he had nine children, including a newborn Jurzie with his wife Terricka. He and Terricka have had three more children since then, and the last two—twins—were conceived after he had a vasectomy.


Cromartie's wife gave birth this Sunday, Mother's Day. Jynx Revell-Antonio Cromartie and J'adore Nayvi Cromartie were born five minutes apart and Cromartie actually delivered his son Jynx himself, calling it "an adrenaline rush." Vasectomies have been known to not take before, and I am sure it was an unbelievable feeling to see the moment your son enters this world, but I can't imagine a better rush of adrenaline than finding out that you are literally too potent for science.

"To be honest, I've gone back and forth about if I wanted to share the news or not," she explained to Us. "All my children are blessings and all of Antonio's children are blessings, for that matter. It was made to seem that my children weren't a blessing because they were categorized by a number, and for that reason and that reason alone, I hid both of my [first two] pregnancies with my husband, just so I could enjoy them with those who were really happy for me."

Cromartie became the butt of many jokes about his parenting because of that Hard Knocks segment—which he says was staged by HBO's director—so it's easy to understand why he and Terricka would be sensitive about it. But it's clear that Antonio was meant to procreate. Even when he took matters out of his own glands he still produced twins. That is the very definition of a blessing.

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