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Draymond Green Went Full Draymond Against the Clippers

Draymond Green had quite the adventure against the Clippers Thursday night.

The Golden State Warriors hosted the Los Angeles Clippers Thursday night, and let's just say there is no love lost between these two squads. Draymond Green kicked off the hostilities early, before the first minute had even elapsed. Blake Griffin—Draymond's spiritual Who Me? brother—drew a foul on Green near the Clippers bench and I am assuming the bench, including Paul Pierce, started chirping at him, unless Draymond just decided to go nuclear on his own (not out of the realm of possibility by any means). After Griffin's first free throw, Green started laying into Pierce:


"Chasin' that farewell tour, they don't love you like that. You can't get no farewell tour, they don't love you like that…. You thought you was Kobe?"

Pierce is retiring after this season, his 19th in the NBA, and will likely end up in the Hall of Fame. But he did not need to pull out his résumé to return Green's serve. This was much easier:

73 wins and u thought u was gonna win a title that yr 3-1 lead oops
— Paul Pierce (@paulpierce34) February 24, 2017

Yep, that'll do it.

Still, the game had literally just started—there was much more to come. As a nice bookend for the first quarter, Draymond flashed some vintage Draymond when he went sprawling to the ground for a loose ball. As he was wrestling for it on his back, Griffin came over to try to pry it away and Green's right leg shot up toward Griffin in a totally natural and not at all intentional way that would lead one to believe Green was trying to kick someone. Which would be a ridiculous assumption since Green has never done something like that.

Fast-forward to the third quarter where Green and Griffin again get tangled up, this time in transition as Green tried to draw an offensive foul. It didn't go according to the script, though, and he was called for the foul, not Griffin. Unhappy with the call, Green started barking at the referee and got T'd up. Then he and coach Steve Kerr got into a shouting match before Green was banished to the back of the bench. After the game, Kerr (possibly throwing shade?) said that Green was frustrated because he wasn't having a good game and because the calls weren't going his way.

So much Dra(y)ma, and the Warriors still beat the Clippers 123-113.