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Backyard Wrestlemania Hype Video is Lit AF

An homage to Wrestlemanias past.

For the uninitiated, there's a group of insane people down in Australia that make a series of videos depicting rapidly-escalating scenarios, led by some crew by the name of Racka Racka. Scenarios like: a Lord of the Rings vs Game of Thrones TV remote battle, or an Assassin's Creed Showdown. It's basically a perfect intersection of bros, nerds, and questionably famous YouTube stars, which, as we all know, makes for viral gold.

But today, their target is tonight's Wrestlemania (which, by the way, we're doing a wonderful job of Snapchatting live). The Aussies took to destroying their house—as they do with most their videos (who cleans that shit up?)—by wrastlin' around and generally fucking each other up. They try to incorporate various moments from the past, such as the Undertaker's Wrestlemania XX entrance, as well as some Stone Cold guzzling, but the climax is a ladder match slam through two sheets of plywood. It's all entertaining stuff. Let's just hope Racka Racka doesn't get fucked up like they did as Ronald McDonald in some amateur wrestling match. (The dude required 26 stitches.) Yikes.