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Sipping on Gin and Juice with Snoop Dogg

We sat down with the rap legend over gin and juice cocktails, where he revealed his secret stoner snacks and the one person who can smoke him under the table.

Few artists enjoy the staying power of Snoop Dogg. Nearly 25 years since the debut of his breakthrough album  Doggystyle, the singer, television star, and medical cannabis entrepreneur is as culturally relevant as ever. Part of that has to do with his prolific nature (he released 127 singles during those two and a half decades) but Snoop's infectious affability surely plays a role in his continued success, too. After all, kindness never goes out of style. Nor does marijuana, incidentally. Snoop's all-but-official status as the global ambassador of ganja has also helped cement his legacy. MUNCHIES sat down with Snoop in downtown LA over a few gin and juice cocktails, where he revealed everything from his secret stoner snacks to the one person who can smoke him under the table. Most importantly, though, this brief session with the hip-hop icon provides a few life lessons in longevity. MUNCHIES: What are we drinking? Snoop Dogg: [It's The Laid Back Cocktail prepared by Niko Novick of N2 Mixology, with one part gin, one part apple vodka, two parts fresh pineapple juice, and a splash of soda, on the rocks.] You know, Martha Stewart made this same drink for me on my show [ Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party]. But she put a ball [of ice] in it, though. A big-ass ball. That motherfucker—I ain't never drunk a drink with a big-ass ball. It fucked me up, but it was good. I never thought I'd say I liked balls, but…You gotta add that gingeriz-nale, a little pine-a-pale, and you gotta chop chop [that ice]. Your friendship with Martha is unexpected yet genuine. How do you two work so well together? She different, ya know, than what I'm accustomed up. But then again she's  so what I'm accustomed to, 'cause she people. She just look different and she was born in a different era, but if you hang out with her and chill with her, she just like anybody else. That's why it works, because she never says nothing that's crazy in my ears. It's always like, damn,  I thought you would say that, OK. That's why we get down, that's why we connected, Martha. 'Cause it feels like holy matrimony, and not holy macaroni. Read more on MUNCHIES