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A Fleet of Military Vehicles Drove Around Kentucky This Weekend Flying a Trump Flag

No one seems to know exactly who the Humvees belong to or why they were paraded around like a makeshift Trump militia.
January 31, 2017, 6:17pm
Image via screenshot

On Sunday, two people in Kentucky managed to capture videos of the unnerving sight of eight to ten Humvees parading down the highway, flying a giant Trump flag from the lead, the Lexington Herald-Ledger reports.

Steve Thompson of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, and another amateur videographer spotted the fleet over the weekend and shared the sight online. But even after the videos made the rounds on Facebook and reddit, no one seems to know who these people are or why they're driving around like a makeshift Trump militia.

"These are not US military vehicles," Major Jamie Davis, a spokesman from the Department of Defense, told the Herald-Ledger. "They are Humvees, but there's no unit designator on there. In the Army, if we go out we have our vehicles identified."

Davis said the vehicles are most likely decommissioned military Humvees that were sold off to civilians. In addition to lacking a special unit designator, military Humvees also would not be allowed to fly a flag other than the United States flag or a unit insignia. A rep from the Kentucky National Guard told the paper Monday that the vehicles weren't theirs either.

Is this the start of Trump's personal army? Maybe it's just some ardent supporters looking to intimidate people with a show of force. Or maybe they're just trying to Make America Great Again by polluting its air with the exhaust fumes from a bunch of giant trunks that surely get an awful mile-per-gallon ratio.

The world needs answers. Until we get them, stay safe, Kentucky.