This Bread Tastes Like Delicious Meat


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This Bread Tastes Like Delicious Meat

Make your bread with rich turkey stock, and you've got the ultimate companion for Thanksgiving leftovers.
Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

The term "white bread" is an insult for a reason: It suggests a lack of depth and complexity. White bread is goddamn square.

Here's the thing about bread, though: It's generally just flour and liquid, and maybe some fat. Bakers have long relied on flours with character, as well as long fermentation periods, to make their artisan breads not taste like, well, white bread.

But the one thing we almost never talk about is that liquid, which is almost always water (or sometimes milk), yet water doesn't taste like much. So why not infuse that water with the intensely savoury flavour of roasted turkey?


Enter the turkey stock baguette, the ultimate companion to leftover Sunday roast sandwiches and turkey clubs.

RECIPE: Turkey Stock Baguette

Top-notch pastry chef and frosé pioneer Kelly Fields concocted this recipe, which blends wheat flour with a little bit of rice flour to give the baguette a dense but soft crumb that's perfect for sandwiches and their spreads. And since the turkey stock already makes this bread completely unsuitable for vegans, why not throw a little lard in there for extra richness? That's exactly what Fields did.

Now, let's say you don't have turkey stock laying around. No problem! Swap in some chicken stock and you're ready for the chicken salad sandwich of your dreams.

And while we haven't tried a vegan version that swaps out the lard, stock, and milk powder for animal-free ingredients, we believe in you if you want to try. Just fake it till you bake it.