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Grab a Coffee and Support the ACLU This Weekend

In light of the Trump Administration's recent travel ban (AKA Muslim ban), coffee shops across the United States are helping raise money for the ACLU.
Photo via Flickr user elizaIO

Coffee brewers of America, Unite!

In light of the Trump Administration's recent travel ban (AKA Muslim ban), which has affected the lives of immigrants and green card-holders from seven different Muslim majority nations, a coalition of coffee shops will be joining forces across the United States to help raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union this weekend (Friday 2-3 through Sunday 2-5).

Organized by, an international coffee publication, the fundraiser started with 26 brands and has grown to 450, with 769 coffee shops in 40 different states. Sprudge has promised to match the first $500 raised by each of the original 26 launch partners (that alone would total $13,000).


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"We hoped to activate cafe spaces as a place where the wider community could come together to support the ACLU, a non-partisan, non-political organization that defends the rights of all Americans," Jordan Michelman, co-founder of Sprudge, tells MUNCHIES. "Today they're defending immigrants and refugees, tomorrow they could be defending anyone else reading this."

It's already been quite a week for the ACLU, which, after successfully challenging portions of Trump's travel ban in court, raised a record $24.1 million in donations in one weekend (compare that to the average $4 million in donations it receives in one year). With current coffee consumption levels at an all-time high, the ACLU could continue to reap a windfall from America's favorite morning beverage.

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A complete list of participating coffee shops in each state is available on Sprudge's website; and if that's too much effort, here's a Google Map with every single location already plugged in.

It couldn't be more clear than Sprudge puts it: "Not all heroes wear capes, but all lawyers need coffee."