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Chef's Night Out: Joey Campanaro

Joey Campanaro, the chef/owner of Little Owl and owner of Market Table in NYC, takes us out on the town for rum and cokes, a helluva lot of tequila, and some serious comfort food.
May 29, 2014, 1:58pm

When chef Joey Campanaro and his friends started humming the theme song of Rocky at the end of their night out with us, it actually seemed kind of fitting. That's because Joey and his crew crushed about 15 rum and cokes apiece, along with some tequila and a massive amount of food on their tour of lower Manhattan.

And when we say "massive," we aren't kidding: There was pork ragu at Market Table, bacon-wrapped chicken hearts at The Harrison, pig's feet at NY Noodletown, and—in the grand culmination of this meat-centric orgy—meatball sliders and clams at Joey's restaurant, Little Owl. It was a night out even Rocky Balboa himself would be proud of.

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