'Dragon Ball Z' Meets Dance Dance Revolution in a New Animated Music Video

Set in a futuristic desert metropolis, director and animator Mustashrik's new music video is a tribute to throwback arcade games and shows like 'Sailor Moon.'
February 27, 2017, 4:51pm
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In homage to the arcade games and anime enjoyed by millennials in the early aughts, animator and director Mustashrik created a new music video filled with nostalgia-triggering visual tropes lifted from shows like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. The new track, "FLY," is a house tune by UK DJ Jaguar Skills, in collaboration with Wide Awake, comprised of music production duo CJ Beatz & Jordan Crisp. Mustashrik sets his story in a futuristic desert metropolis where hand to hand combat is treated as a sport and fighters are revered like pop stars.

Ancillary lines, indicating movement and force, give the video an underlying illustrative quality. Each frame looks as though it could be part of a storyboard for an upcoming blockbuster film, or the early sketches of a set designer. Mustashrik's glimmering visuals illuminate the song's rousing crescendos, luminous synth lines, and ethereal vocal track while maintaining his determined sentiment. The artist writes, "From fun interactive dance games, to intergalactic alien heroines and mecha-robots, 'FLY' allowed me to perfectly explore these nostalgic inspirations. Intentionally retro and bold by design, I hope that you will enjoy its craziness and are 'Ready to FLY.'" Are you ready? Decide for yourself by checking out the full video below:

To snag your copy of "Fly," click here. Hear more of Jaguar Skills's music on his SoundCloud. To learn more about Mustashrik, check out his website.


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