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Jeff Mills Cancels Set in Spain After Someone Threw a Bottle at Him

The incident occurred at the opening party for the Olías del Rey​ club Area 42.
Photo by Jacob Khrist

Techno icon Jeff Mills cancelled his set at a Spanish club this Saturday night mid-performance after being hit in the head with a bottle. The incident occurred at the opening party for Olías del Rey club Area 42, and involved an audience member allegedly throwing the projectile during a brief power outage in the venue at 4:30 AM, according to a post from the club on Facebook.

Mills' performance began at 3 AM, and was supposed to last until 6 AM. A representative for the club told Spanish newspaper El País that Mills was not injured, and that they would review surveillance footage from the night to try to locate the assailant.

This is not the first time that Mills has been hit with a drink by a rowdy club patron. It happened at Belgium's Dour Festival in 2014 only half an hour into his set, and again at Rome's Atlantico club in May 2013, which you can see at around 5:50 in the video below.

At the end of August, THUMP took Mills to an observatory in Amsterdam because he's such a space geek.

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