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Get Up Close and Personal with Red Bull Thre3Style

The best of the best compete for a top spot in Tokyo
August 12, 2015, 9:35pm

Deep in the chemical makeup of any party sits a DJ – Whether that's a buddy who owns an iPod, a computer engineered program curating your soundtrack, or someone actually spinning. Watch as we go to Frankfurt, home of the influential national Red Bull Thre3Style World DJ Championships. All participants vying for a single spot in the competition's world finals in Tokyo, Japan, these sound manipulators come together to compete not just for bragging rights, but worldwide recognition.

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DJ's are a creative bunch – So the criteria for judgement is based on a succinct set of skills, originality, song selections, stage presence, and crowd reaction. In an industry jammed with bedroom DJs, these performers are putting themselves out in the open with a crowd that didn't come to hear their music, but rather, to hear their taste and technical skills. Just as it is important to strut your scratching stuff, it's integral to gauge the audience's reception to your soundtrack.

It comes down to more than turntablism, it's a true performance, as Red Bull Thre3Style's Kenny Mac says, the contests exist to "provide a stage and platform for artists to do an interpretation of club music anywhere in the world." In other words, go out there, show the crowd what you've got – You've got fifteen minutes to sink or swim.

Red Bull Thre3Style is Back: Destination Tokyo

Converging in Tokyo, Japan, Thump will travel to the Red Bull Thre3Style competittion and follow the top DJs from around the world battle for the coveted title. Watch as we cover who takes the coveted top spot.