An Ordinary Laundry Day Takes a Bizarre Turn in the Music Video for Princess Century's "Metro"

You'll never look at a bubblegum lollipop the same way again.
June 20, 2016, 3:05pm

Have you ever been doing your laundry on the weekend, dressed in your rattiest shirt, hair unwashed, when you spot your crush in the laundromat? Pretty embarrassing right? That's the premise behind the music video for "Metro" by Princess Century, the solo electronic project of Toronto's Maya Postepski, whose name you might recognize from her work in groups including Austra and TRUST. Instead of descending into romantic comedy clichés though, we soon find out that our protagonist's crush has a bubblegum lollipop for a head, and things take a gooey turn from there.


"I really wanted to capture the emotional arc that Princess Century and I chatted about early on in the process. That feeling of seeing someone and instantly knowing there is that lighting bolt curiosity and attraction," director D.W. Waterson tells THUMP. "To explore that push and pull of being magnetized towards someone you never thought you'd be attracted to in an outer realm kinda of way was an incredible opportunity."

Watch it above and purchase Postepski's 2015 album Progress here via Paper Bag Records.

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