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Abyss X Shares Ominously Surreal Music Video For "Razor"

The track is off her recent 'Mouthed' EP for Halcyon Veil.
October 10, 2016, 8:28pm

Crete-born, Los Angeles-based producer Evangelia Lachianina aka Abyss X has shared the beguilingly opaque video for "Razor," a track off her recent Mouthed EP for Houston producer Rabit's Halcyon Veil imprint. Instead of relying on an evolving storyline, the clip consists of a set of surreal recurring images linked together by free-association which serve to highlight the song's elliptical style. While there isn't an obvious connection between the sprinting dogs in the desert, the dancing men in all black, and the video portraiture of the artist, it's knit together in such a way that even the suggestion that there might be an overarching theme feels ominous.


Lachianina gave THUMP some backstory for the video via email. "With this video I took a more minimal approach to my filmmaking and unlike my previous sometimes CGI-heavy maximalist creations, this piece is rather raw and thought tingling," she said. "'Razor' touches on some eerie aspects of certain cultures and those aspects are juxtaposed with the isolated female figure in a symbolic way. 'Inside a mad woman's mind' could describe the vibe and concept, but is she really mad, is she identifying with the imagery, does she seek inner liberation?"

The video was directed and edited by Lachianina, while they collaborated with Lane Stewart and someone known only as "Unidentified" on the videography.

Mouthed is out now.

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