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Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy's "Styx" Video is a Robot's Worst Nightmare

For Systematic's landmark 100th release the production duo shows us that even little robots can have a bad trip.

For the landmark 100th release on Marc Romboy's own label, Systematic Recordings, he's teamed up with fellow countryman and occasional collaborater Stephan Bodzin to cook up a proper progressive techno odyssey, "Styx," the awe-inducing video of which we have for you today.

It seems like in popular culture robots are always on some kind of profound journey. Whether its RJD2, the Iron Giant, or, WALL-E, these metallic beings can't seem to ever take the easy route in life. While the star of Romboy and Bodzin's video might not be the most advanced cyborg—it's a cast-iron wind up bot—his path throughout the song's entirety is anything but basic. The anonymous being (let's call him Styx) starts his day in a lush green field before somehow crossing through a portal into a frightening dystopian metropolis. It's there that young Styx encounters everything from giant effigies, burning Jaguars (the car—don't worry PETA), creepy skulls, and a whole lot of subliminal imagery. All of course while soundtracked by the production duo's spacey, churning tones. We don't have our heads quite wrapped around this one, so we're just going to keep watching.


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Video directed by Ivan Marinsky, Stevie Schulze & Luka Bodzin

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