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The Avalanches Just Released the Long-Awaited Single "Subways"

And it's really dang good.
Image taken from The Avalanches' Instagram

The return of The Avalanches has been a bit of a rollercoaster. First, lead single "Frankie Sinatra" fell a bit flat—hard not to do when the expectations are as high as they were. Then a small sample of "Subways" was released, which got our hopes up and reignited the already-hazardous levels of hype. And then the (now) trio had visa issues in the EU, canning their plans for a live band at Primavera Sound, and meaning a DJ set had to be thrown together at the last minute, with a little help from Jamie xx.


But despite all the nonsense and the gossip, its been a wild ride. And after last weekend's release of second single "Colours," and today's long-awaited drop of "Subways," it feels like things might finally be on track. It seems like The Avalanches we know and love are back to form. Faith restored and all that.

Listen to "Subways"—the best and most promising release from The Avalanches 2.0 we've seen yet—below, and keep an eye out for that Bar-Kays/Will Smith sample. You can also read our interview with Chandra Oppenheim, the now-grown-up 12-year-old sampled on the song.

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