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THUMP's Top Canadian Picks 001

Music that'll turn your mind plaid featuring Illangelo, Kaytranda, Corin Roddick, Project Pablo, and more.

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Canada is home to many things; health care, politeness, correct spelling—the list goes on and on. Canada is also home to a music scene as wide and as vast as the country itself, so in an effort to keep up with the work being released by producers from the Rocky Mountains to the mouth of the Saint Laurence river we've decided to round up a few of our favourites. If you're releasing a track this week, tweet us a link and you may be featured next Monday: @ThumpCanada.


7. Potatohead People (Montreal, QC)

Photo by Christian Riechert

Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical's collaborative project, Potatohead People, continues to impress with their latest flip of Slakah The Beatchild. This track is like an eggs benedict buffet after a morning blow job, it's really that satisfying.

6. Dave Luxe (Montreal, QC)

Playitlouder Vol 3 produced a wealth of welcome additions to my iTunes, chief among them being Dave Luxe's production with vocalist Kaya. It's about a sensual girl who gets high and looks fine—otherwise known as West Vancouver after 3 PM.

5. CRi (Montreal, QC)

Photo by Sabrina G. Jolicoeur

Ironically enough, "Locke" stood out to me for being so supremely subtle. It's the super légère version of a house music coupé; it truly adds lightness and simplifies in stunning fashion.

4. Project Pablo (Vancouver, BC)

Project Pablo is leaving Vancouver's golden shores and moving to a location in Montreal so far north, McGill freshman may as well hold their winter retreat there. He's offered "Morning Shift" as a parting gift and if I didn't live in the Middle East I'd call him up and take him out for a nice, savoury crepe.

3. Corin Roddick (Montreal, QC)

Purity Ring's Corin Roddick collaborates with Elijah Blake, an LA singer I didn't know existed until I looked at Corin's Twitter, in "Give Me U." In the immortal words of your average VELD Fest attendee, "it feels reeeeeeeeeeally good."


2. Kaytranada (Montreal, QC)

Photo by Nick Cooper

Young Kaykay is a man that needs no introduction at this point. He was born in Haiti, he loves poutine, and if we're to take anything away from this track it's that his upcoming EP on XL Recordings is going to be one hell of a production.

1. Illangelo (Toronto, ON) + Phlo Finister (London, UK)

If you listen to Drake, The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, Lady Gaga, or Florence + the Machine then you've likely heard something that ILLANGELO has made already. His latest project sees him kicking off a new alias, YOUTHQUAKER, with past collaborator, Phlo Finister. I love these tracks as much as I hate BitTorrent's web player so just download the first three songs from their upcoming album, Projections, via BitTorrent Bundle and thank me later.

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