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Watch Gary Numan Discuss How He Abandoned Punk and Embraced Synths

The synth pioneer joined DJ Lance Rock at Moogfest earlier this year.

Last May, THUMP visited Durham, North Carolina for Moogfest, a cutting-edge festival featuring a mix of brilliant programming and off-site events. Besides catching some sets, we also livestreamed interviews conducted by DJ Lance Rock with a series of musical legends. Now, you can view those interviews.

Earlier this month, we brought you The Orb, and this week we bring you synth pop and rock pioneer Gary Numan. Above, watch Numan discuss his transition from punk to electronic music and his musical decisions in his decades-long career. Asked for a message to complement the interview and discuss his 2016, Numan said:

"Without doubt, 2016 had some amazing highs for me. Sadly though, it also had some crushingly painful moments, and I will breathe a sigh of relief when it's over. I look forward to 2017 with a huge amount of hope and excitement. A new album, new label, new tours, so much to be excited and optimistic about. I have never enjoyed being a musician more than I do now, and I sincerely believe 2017 is going to be very special."

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