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We Found Love Looking at Calvin Harris (Almost) Naked

In which we objectify the producer as he poses in his sweet, sweet nothings.

Holy tightly-wrapped package, Scotland! Have you seen the latest sneak peek at Calvin Harris's body of work? And when we say "body of work," we obvi mean his physical bod.

The "Feel So Close" hit-maker wears nearly-"Sweet Nothing" in a new underwear shoot for Emporio Armani. THUMP is super pro-female gaze, so the hardly "Under Control" hotness of Harris is nothing new. Still, recent uploads of this spread to the DJ's Instagram have had us "Thinking About You," Calvin.


For one, there's his gorgeous face. His devious expression says so much while wearing so little. Then, there are those abs. Some might call them "washboard" or "grooves on a record," but we think of them as "serving platter for whip cream." His legs are like, okay, give us a minute. Finally, there's the obvious focal point that's may or may not have been Photoshopped (a la Bieber) but really, who the fuck cares? If this is the closest we ever come to it we only need the image to further fuel our fantasies.

Is it right to treat Calvin Harris like a piece of meat? Maybe not, but it feels so good being wrong. Now, excuse us, we're going to buy Emporio Armani briefs for no reason.

Oh, he also has a new video with Haïm.

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