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Hear Jasmine Infiniti and Turbo Sonidero's Sets from Club Chai, the West Coast's Dopest Femme-Run Party

The event happened last month in Oakland, and celebrated the release of the party's first compilation.
Photo of Jasmine Infiniti performing at the party courtesy of Club Chai

Photos and videos by Tio Sisi

Bay Area producers Jasmine Infiniti and Turbo Sonidero today shared their eclectically forceful live DJ sets from Oakland party and label Club Chai's one-year anniversary party on January 21. Bronx-born artist Jasmine Infiniti's set traverses an energetic range of ballroom, dembow, and more amorphous club beats, while the San Jose-based producer Turbo Sonidero explores his "Tumbia" in his mix, which blends American hip-hop with reggaeton and cumbia sonidera. The party last month celebrated the release of Club Chai's first-ever compilation, which also featured work by Salviatek co-founder Lechuga Zafiro, ATM affiliate DJ Haram, and KUNQ collective member stud1nt.


Photo of XUXA SANTAMARIA performing at the anniversary party

Club Chai founders foozool and 8ULENTINA, both remarkable producers and DJs in their own right, told THUMP about their party's ethos. "At Club Chai you hear a wide range of genres of various global diasporas mixed with club music," they said. "These nights are a reflection of what we consume as diasporic people in the West, as far as music and visual art go. It meant so much to bring together local artists of different practices, scenes, mediums of performance, and genres all in one night for the one-year anniversary and compilation release party."

Photo of 8ULENTINA and foozool performing at the anniversary party

"For each Club Chai we end up focusing on a few different approaches," they continued. "The genre of the night is reflected in the gear or processes the artists are using. Every time you go out you see a different way people are processing, performing, and producing electronic sounds, such as various different MIDI set ups combined with visual performance, or more straightforward club nights with CDJs and controllers. SPELLLING (featured on Club Chai Vol. 1) performed at the one-year anniversary with a loop pedal/synthesizer set up, creating loop based sound art with her vocals and analog. Meanwhile, XUXA SANTAMARIA (Sofía Córdova and Matt Gonzalez Kirkland) performed a live dance and pop/rock set with Sofia on the vocals."

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