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Lunice's 'Can't Wait To' Has Got Us Hyped For His Post-TNGHT Vision

LuckyMe are more necessary than ever.

When news broke of the TNGHT project coming to an end for the foreseeable future, fans worldwide seemed to breathed a heavy, collective sigh. The LuckyMe camp has never been short of ground-breaking talent, but the gargantuan success of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice's TNGHT project seemed to take the two, lauded in their own rights, onto festival stages and into Kanye's studio at breakneck speed.

Now that both Lunice and Hudson Mohawke are concentrating on their next solo releases, it's great news to hear that Lunice is back in business with his latest effort, 'Can't Wait To', which has just dropped via LuckyMe. Showing off Lunice's B-boy skills (which we couldn't stop freaking out to at his recent Field Day show, black cape and thurible swinging) and a sharply designed light-and-drapes show, 'Can't Wait To' is making us pretty on edge for what else he has planned.


Lunice - 'Can't Wait To' is out now on LuckyMe.

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