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'Daphne' Series Celebrating Women and Non-binary Electronic Musicians Returns to Smartbar

The scheduled performers for the event include Cherushii and The Black Madonna.
Photo from Smartbar

Smartbar–the venerable Chicago nightclub for house, techno, and other forms of dance music– will bring back their Daphne series this July. Daphne celebrates female, female-identifying and non-binary artists in the electronic music field. The name originated from Daphne Oram, the British composer and female pioneer of electronic music. The first edition of Daphne took place in March 2015 and was curated by former Smartbar talent booker and famed DJ The Black Madonna.


Performers scheduled for this year's edition of Daphne include Cherushii, Aurora Halal, Dahlia, The Black Madonna, Eris Drew and Chrissy & Hawley. In addition to live sets, the music series also features a woman-led discussion about the history of synthesis and a workshop on setting up a rig for a live performance.

Daphne runs July 7-10. Smartbar plans to organize another edition of the series in 2017. Tickets for Daphne may be purchased here.