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Deadmau5, The Black Madonna, Eats Everything and Others Speak Out Against the Muslim Ban

The DJ world is as opinionated as ever.
Photo of protesters at JFK via Twitter

On Friday President Trump issued an executive order restricting entry to the United States from seven majority-Muslim countries, including war-torn Syria, Iraq, Iran and Somalia. Since the executive order was enacted, some green card and visa holders were barred from reentering the US and detained in airports. Mass protests broke out across the country before a federal judge in Brooklyn ordered a stay on the restrictions for those held in the airports.


As the news quickly spread across the globe, many in the nightlife world took to Twitter to express their support for the protestors and decried the new restrictions. Below, see what Scuba, Nick Catchdubs, The Black Madonna and others had to say about the issue.

If you're wondering how an executive order can be clearly illegal, remember that phase 2 of this project will involve trashing the judiciary

— Scuba (@ScubaOfficial)January 28, 2017

Join me. Make a monthly donation no matter how small to — The Black Madonna (@blackmadonnachi)January 28, 2017

Great. Trump banning immigrants. Guess you better send Melania back too.

— dead mow cinco (@deadmau5)January 28, 2017


— dead mow cinco (@deadmau5)January 28, 2017

I am really moved by all the protests here in the US. Way to go! this was earlier as I got into LAX — Chris Liebing Ⓥ (@ChrisLiebing)January 29, 2017

Yes ACLU! Yes America. People power.

— TwEats Everything® (@eats_everything)January 29, 2017

We're an immigrant family, undocumented, green card holders & dual citizens. Fuck with us and we will fight back. — SHYBOI (@yu_whoooo)January 28, 2017

my dad was a lebanese immigrant

— Aurora Halal (@AuroraHalal)January 28, 2017

he took a boat and went through ellis island in 40s, i was always proud of that and have been eager to connect w arab world. — Aurora Halal (@AuroraHalal)January 28, 2017


Read John Locke. Read Thoreau. Read Gandhi. Read MLK Jr.- We can better our reality.

— Steve Hauschildt (@stevehauschildt)January 28, 2017

This regime is suppressing our rights to liberty and freedom and under natural law we have no obligation to be obedient.

— Steve Hauschildt (@stevehauschildt)January 28, 2017

imagine feeling anything less than total disgust and shame at this shit

— N*I*C*K (@catchdini)January 28, 2017

REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE— Tommie Sunshine (@tommiesunshine)January 28, 2017

white supremacy wants us to suffer indefinitely, remember we are stronger than the hate! muslims brothers we are with u!

— FAKE D33J (@D33J)January 28, 2017

of the 784,000 refugees that have resettled in the US since 9/11, do you know how many have been charged with plotting terror attacks? THREE

— lauren flax (@laurenflax)January 28, 2017