Wiley Said His Next Album Will Be His Last

'Godfather' will be released this week, marking his 11th studio album.
January 9, 2017, 7:50pm
Screenshot from the "Can't Go Wrong" video courtesy of YouTube

Grime legend Wiley said his next album, Godfather, will be his last in a new interview published today by Noisey UK. The album will be his 11th studio LP, following 2014's Snakes & Ladders, and is due to be released this week on his own label Chasing The Art.

This is not the first time that Wiley has described an album as his last. He did the same thing with 2013's The Ascent, and also announced his retirement in 2010.


Godfather is finally arriving after a fair amount of strife in the rollout process. The artist tweeted that he wouldn't drop the record at all in July of last year, saying that it would be "pointless" to do so. Eventually, after the album was re-confirmed, its original release date of September 2 was pushed back to this coming Friday.

Wiley explained that his decision to stop releasing albums was influenced by business-related considerations. "This is my last album, in theory," he said. "You know, Wiley the brand, you're not going to see me trying to cane the arse out of tens of Wileys, you will not. I'll always use my money to do other, smart things. Like, I'm never going to just be like trying to squeeze money out of stuff."

The grime innovator has plans to release an autobiography with London publishing house Hodder & Stoughton, and also hinted at the possibility of a biopic about his life in an interview last year.

Godfather will be released on January 13.

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