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Listen to "Average," a New Collaboration Between Rapper Lou Phelps and His Brother Kaytranada

The track is the first single from Phelps' debut mixtape, Lou Phelps Experiments​.
Screenshot via YouTube.

Although Kaytranada has made a name for himself as a successful solo artist and producer, he is not afraid to collaborate with his friends, family and peers. In 2014, the producer released Supreme Laziness, a mixtape with Lou Phelps (Kaytranada's brother), under the name The Celestics.

Now, the two have joined forced again on the song, "Average," with Kaytranada manning the beats and Phelps providing the flow. The track is the first single from Phelps' debut solo mixtape, Lou Phelps Experiments.

Phelps describes the mixtape as, "a compilation of music that I like and me experimenting things musically." Besides Kaytranada, the mixtape will feature Key!, Bishop Nehru, Innanet James and more.

Watch the video for "Average" below. In 2016, we named Kaytranada's debut album, 99.9%, as one of the best 33 albums of the year.