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RL Grime Interviewed By Ryan Hemsworth

Live from the Infinite Daps tour! Canada's emo-rap dude and the king of the tarp chat about Gatorade and Game of Thrones.

What happens when RL Grime and Ryan Hemsworth from the Wedidit camp board a tour bus together? Well, gas. But also plenty of wild productions being made, crazy adventures, and (probably) listening to Drake a whole lot. These two instrumental rave-hop kings—shown above in their custom Nike jerseys (#swag)—are on the road now as part of the Infinite Daps Tour (alongside Baauer and Jim-E Stack) and may be appearing soon in a town near you, if you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, or points beyond.


You know they are spending long hours on the bus with nothin' but snacks and trap to keep them company, so we asked Ryan, who dabbled in music journalism before he got all DJ/producer on dat ass, to ask R.L. some burning questions. Here's what they had to say…

Ryan Hemsworth: The music you play and the shows you do seem to get the kids "turnt up." Could you share with the people out there a couple "turn down" albums that mean a lot to you, unrelated to the DJing/turning up world?
RL Grime: My turn down playlist includes Four Tet, Drake, Explosions in the Sky, Burial, and lots of Boards of Canada (Music Has A Right to the Children is my favorite album ever). I also listen to a lot of WeDidIt stuff when I'm "turning down" because my friends make great music and it makes me feel nice.

Would you be okay with, starting tomorrow, living in one city for the rest of your life and never being able to leave? If you were, where would it have to be and why even?
I don't know if I'd necessarily be "okay" with it, but if I could live anywhere it would be Edinburgh, Scotland. I went there earlier this year and fell in love with it. It was one of the best shows on my tour, and the landscape reminded me of some shit straight out of Game of Thrones.

What's your favourite liquid?
Orange Gatorade.

Do you call your family members much while you're on the road or no? If so, what are the usual topics of conversation?
I try to call my family when I can. It's not easy though because whenever I have free time I'm either working on tracks or napping. I usually just ask them what they've been up to at home, and they ask me if I've had music posted on any new blogs.


What's your parents' relationship with your music career? Do they get it?
Well, both my parents are artists in their own right, so fortunately for me they have been super supportive of everything I'm doing. It took a little while for them to fully understand what I do, but I have to credit them because they seem to have a strong grasp on it. A lot of times you can catch my dad asking me what's going on in the "EDM" world.

You got R.L. Stine to do a drop in one of your mixes, and he's clearly down for you, but did you ever catch stronger feelings for, say, Eerie, Indiana or Are You Afraid of the Dark? Or were you ride or die Goosebumps TV series?
Well I was ride or die for the Goosebumps books, but to be honest, I never got THAT into the TV series. Are You Afraid of The Dark? was my shit though, I used to get scared as fuck watching that.

I sometimes get gassy. Is there anything I should know about you as we begin to share a bus for two weeks?
Well, if I remember correctly, heat rises, so I chose the bottom bunk.

Shaking my head…

Follow the Infinite Daps Tour here and rage with them at the stops below:
JULY 10: ROCHESTER, NY (Pearl's Nightclub)
JULY 15: COLUMBUS, OH (Skully's)
JULY 16: PITTSBURGH, PA (Mr. Smalls)
JULY 18: ST. LOUIS, MO (Old Rock House)
JULY 19: LAWRENCE, KS (Granada Theater)
JULY 20: OMAHA, NE (Slowdown)