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Notes from the Underground: Oscar G, Journeyman, DLR, Callahan, T_A_M, Arp Aubert, Casual Look, B-Ju and Ticklish

This week: Classy house beats, New Orleans bounce, warehouse techno, drum & bass, and some feelsy downtempo.

Welcome to Notes from the Underground, THUMP's weekly premiere feature dedicated to shining a light on underground sonics from around the world. Every week, we'll start at the surface and dig deeper into the underground with each track. In this week's super-mega-bumper edition, we've got everything from weird-house to New Orleans bounce to drum & bass to techno - and you can check them all out at this one-stop shop. Have a dig around:

Oscar G ft. Tamara Wallace - "What You Need" (Denney remix) [Nervous] OSCAR G.jpg

Old school and underground, Miami stalwart Oscar G went way back into his aesthetic palate with a track that's drenched in early 90s house vibes. With Denney on the remix pushing that pulsating bassline, this track is timeless and the vocals might actually get you to go to church next week, you godless heathen! Already with support from Annie Mac and Monki, this one's out on Nervous on February 24.

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Journeyman - "Trust Me" [Anjunadeep] Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.35.30 AM.jpg

Journeyman provided one of our most successful ON DECKs to date and the mysterious Anjunadeep duo are fast adding to a catalogue of classy house beats. Their new track "Trust Me" is another winner. With soulful vocals atop a complex arrangement, it's one that'll have you tappin' your toes and flexing your synapses at the same time.

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DLR - "Control the Sound," ft. Total Science [Dispatch] Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.44.35 AM.jpg

Dispatch Recordings' DLR's solo outing without longtime partner Octane finds the Dirty Le Roi exploring dark and heady territory in the drum & bass sound. With Bristolian dnb champions Total Science in tow, "Control the Sound" is a techy and challenging tune that brings ominous moods without the aggression, and that growling bassline will be haunting you for days.

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Callahan - Murmur [Quadrants] QUAD002-v8.jpg

The second release on UK producer Melé's Quadrants label is a dense, four-track tech EP from Callahan titled Fallacy. It maintains techno atmospherics, but houses a warped bassline and hi-hats on the ups that render it some genre-less clusterfuck of dance-able, dystopian aesthetics.

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T_A_M - Damned If I Do [Tuff Wax]

The first of two releases from Lockah's excellent Tuff Wax label this week is from Aberdeen based T_A_M. His Damned If I Do EP, from which we've got the titular track, is 5 cuts of minimalist 4x4 bashers that have 5AM warehouse rave written all over them in a genre he's dubbed "Aberdeen truth."


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Arp Aubert - Moshislongo [Ki Records] Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.56.36 AM.jpg

A break from all the headfuckery, Arp Aubert is head of the Mirau Musik label that's seen releases from Mano Le Tough and Tensnake. In fact, Tensnake himself used to be a part of the Arp Aubert project. The Moshislongo EP, released on Ki Records, is the classiest batch of feels you'll hear in a while. We're all about it.

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Casual Look - "Karey Siren," ft. Katey Red & Jesse Slayter [Tuff Wax] Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.05.39 AM.jpg

Wiggity-wiggity-wiggity-wiggity-wop. Wobbly-wobbly-wobbly-wobbly-wop. Do we need to say any more? You can joke if you want, but Casual Look's "Katey Siren" is all high-energy good times, a quintessential New Orleans bounce track that piqued Lockah's ear from way over the Atlantic (or at least from the other side of Aberdeen)

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B-Ju - "Kids on Fire" (Ticklish remix) [Apothecary Compositions] B-Ju & Ticklish (without Mask).jpg

Druid Cloak's Apothecary Compositions has a knack for unearthing talent that eschews any sort of genre boundary, but the joint EP from B-Ju and Ticklish reaches way back when composing their sonic palate. This track in particular merges breaks and acid house tones into a wash of soothing, danceable vibes that'll have you nostalgic for an age you never lived.

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